Governor's Island Tour 20 Sept. 2003

On 9/20/2003 I went on a tour of Govenor's
, which has just been opened up for
public tours run by the National Park Service.

Looking at the Island from the S.I. Ferry,
I'd always been curious as to what was out
there. Here are some pictures:
Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Entrance

Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Dry Canal

Exterior of Fort Jay, a star-shapped fort on the
high point of the Island. The fort dates from the
1790s and was a big reason why the British didn't
invate New York during the war of 1812.

Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Interior

After the Civil War when the fort was no longer
used for defense, the turned the interior into homes
for Army Officers stationed on the base. It's a little
strange to see this quaint domestic row of homes
inside of this old military fort.

The historic core of the island is a mix of brick and
wood homes built around the Civil War.

Castle Williams & Manhattan Skyline

Castle Williams, the other early 19th Century fort
on the Island, with the Skyline behind it.

Castle Williams Entrance

Castle Williams Interior

Inside Castle Williams.

It'll be interesting to see how the island is developed.
For this historic part it seems like a college would be
the most obvious choice since that's what it already
looks like. Here's a City website with some proposals.

Wired New York, has a good discussion thread with
some photos of the island and lots of links to articles
discussing development options., my photo weblog.