Sao Paulo from the Banespa Building

View of Sao Paulo skyline looking towards Avenida Paulista

Downtown Sao Paulo looking down Avenia Sao Joao

Closeup for Barra Funda and Higienopolis in the late afternoon winter smog

Plaza below Edificio MartelliAvenida Sao Joao with Minhocao, elevated freeway in the distanceEdificio Sao Vito, Vertical Favela
Rooftop of Edificio Martelli

Close-up of TV Antenas on Avenida Paulista

On the afternoon of June 15, 2005 I went up to the observatory deck on the 35th floor of the Banespa Building in downtown Sao Paulo with my Canon Digital Rebel. Unlike the view from the Empire State Building, where the Hudson and East Rivers neatly frame Manhattan, the chaos and development of Sao Paulo extend, seemingly without limit, to the horizon. The buildings may not be as tall but the sense of non-stop activity is just as strong.

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Lots of São Paulo photos from March - September 2005, and before that mostly of New York.